Home is Where the Kitties Are

Every year in this part of the country, we have a “cold snap” before Easter. She says She has known this all her life. Still, each time it happens, it’s a bit of a surprise. Today, we awoke to temperatures in the mid-30s with a high of only 55 degrees expected, and possible freezing temperatures overnight. Tomorrow is predicted to be more seasonably warm with a projected high of 70 degrees.

Since it is so chilly right now, let’s look back to the not so distant past (a few days ago), to Saturday. When Spring was well…”springing”, and they were able to meet up with friends and loved ones, mount up their iron horses and hit the highways and byways.

Sometimes they follow:
Heading Out


Sometimes they lead:
April Sky

Beauty volunteers itself at every turn:

Azalea Season

Even motorcycles of the three-wheeled variety were out and about:
BRP Can-Am Spyder Roadster
This is the BPR Can-Am Sypder Roadster. It differs from what is normally known as a “trike” because the 2-wheel axle is in the front. And, according to this article, Harley Davidson might just be coming out with something similar. Pretty cool!

While out on their ride on Saturday, they also encountered a movie star! This sweet little church is in the movie Big Fish. This is Pine Flat Presbyterian Church on Highway 143 in Deatsville, Alabama, built in 1871.

Big Fish Church 

She spotted this quaint little building last summer when they rode down this road and attempted to take a picture, but, it turned out too blurry to be of any use. Recently, when they watched Big Fish for the first time, she recognized the church, but was unable to pinpoint exactly where she had seen it. She was glad they just happened to ride by it again this weekend. The movie Big Fish was filmed in and around Wetumpka Alabama, so it was interesting to watch the movie and pick out locations that were familiar to them.

This picture taken on Saturday shows the Coosa river, and in the distance, you can almost make out the Bibb Graves Bridge, which also had a prominent part in the movie.

Coosa River

But, after all their travels and excitement and the wonderful sights they see, they are always very happy to see this one.

Home Again

There’s nothing that can compare with opening that gate and just being at home again, where a whole lot of this is waiting:




4 thoughts on “Home is Where the Kitties Are

  1. That looks like it was a nice ride. The pictures are very pretty.

    The weaher around here is funny, my husband said it was snowing over where he works when he went out for lunch today. It has stopped now.

    I love the stars on your gate.

    Boomer has the right idea; we all need to curl up in our favorite spot at home and rest.


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