The Money Pit

He and She have been living in and working on this house for about seven years now. In that time, they have pretty much taken the interior down to the studs and renovated every thing. Until recently, though, they didn’t know they had such a major issue with the electrical system.

After the recent demise of several electric items, they decided it was time to get it checked out. After looking for a few weeks for a word-of-mouth recommendation for a good electrician, they finally got one. After a consultation on Saturday, it was decided the work should be done as soon as possible. It seems there were so many issues to be addressed, it’s a wonder there hadn’t been even more problems than just power surges.

As soon as the weather permitted, which happended to be April 1st (no fooling), the work began. I didn’t understand a lot of what they were saying, but first and foremost, there was no “neutral” – from what I understood, this basically meant there was no grounding. That’s apparently not good. Also, a lot of the existing wiring, was shoddy. Improper techniques and even the wrong materials had been used. For instance, the exterior breaker box wasn’t even supposed to be used outside. It was meant to be an interior box, therefore, it wasn’t sealed and the breakers were getting moisture. I might be just a cat, but even I know water and electricity don’t go together!

Here is a picture of the breaker box, after the electrician had begun breaking it down for removal.


After about six hours, the exterior breaker box, the original meter box, and all the breakers were replaced. We even got a nice, new pole on top of the house where the main feed comes in, and a new ground. They also ran new (appropriate) wiring to the heat pump, the dryer, the hot water heater, and the stove.

Speaking of the stove, we are still waiting on a part for that. Here is the new and improved breaker box and meter box!


She was disappointed the old meter was reinstalled, She hoped for a shiny new one of those as well, but that part is up to the Power Company. So, even though the latest investment in the renovation of the house wasn’t something we could really show off and be proud of, we all know we have nice, new, shiny electricity throughout. And we are definitely safer!

Even though the House of 9 Lives might be a “money pit”, it’s still a pretty great place to us!


Sunset - April 1st



4 thoughts on “The Money Pit

  1. Glad you got your electricity working in safer conditions.

    Sounds like a pretty great place to live to me too.

    Barny and Boomer look so sweet sleeping together like that. I almost thought it was Kosmo and Barny. Kosmo and Boomer are hard to tell apart.


  2. No neutral – surprising that you didn’t lose everything electrical. But, then again, cats do bring lots of good luck and good karma.


  3. Safer is NEVER a waste of money! It is a shame then new breaker box won’t magically cut down on the amount of static electricity cats generate in the winter. I bet y’all get shocked all the time!


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