Happy Spring!

Well, Spring is in the air… and, on the car, and just about anywhere you look! This is what the windshield of the truck looks like.

Achoo! I’m sure you recognize the thick layer of pollen. It’s amazing how it covers every surface! It’s even on the face of this sweet little kitty!


With the advent of Spring, also comes bike riding weather. Because the roofing  job is now complete, He and She were able to get the Harley out for their inaugural ride of the ’09 season. The undulating road stretched out like a ribbon before them, and they just couldn’t resist its call.


The temperatures were in the mid-sixties, so they stopped shortly after leaving the house so He could put his jacket on. When She looked up and saw the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop to this pretty little church spire, She knew it would make a great photo for the beginning of their trek.

Church Spire

Spring is evident all around this area. Things are greening up, and these lavender blooms are just beginning to pop with color.

Beginning of Spring

Dogwood trees lighten up the landscape with their beautiful bursts of white blooms.


At the roadside stands, last fall’s pumpkins have given way to beautiful blooming flowers.

Roadside Flower Stand

Spring, and pollen, and the open road – that stuff is all fine and good, but let’s not underestimate the power of a true cat nap, either! This is how I prefer to spend my Spring days!

Lilah Jo



3 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. These are pretty pictures. I know this beauty made the ride a wonderful experience.

    I see that Lilah has found her own bed of lavender to rest in and didn’t even have to fight off the pollen. Smart girl!


  2. Whose foot is that sticking in form the right? heehee

    All the kitties here beg me to open windows for sitting. I am so glad I can oblige. Your pictures are beautiful, as usual!


  3. Katie agrees with you on the spring naps. Our redbuds are just starting to bloom and the leaves are starting to come out. Beautiful pictures, well except for the pollen and weepy eyes ones. 🙂


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