Snowin’ in the Pines

KosmoJan19-08C Wow. What a wild weather weekend! On Friday, and Saturday, we had a lot of wind and rain, and were threatened with tornadoes! Thankfully, our area was spared the really bad stuff. We did have a couple of casualties at the house, though, it seems a power surge got the best of our stove, and two clock/radios. When She looked at her clock before going to bed last night, the time read 17:91. How crazy is that? Also, the Tunturi recumbent bike seems to have been affected, or it is a coincidence, they are having trouble with it, as well. Everything works fine on it, except the resistance setting.

Here is what the front yard looked like on Saturday morning: A River Runs Through It And, here it is on Sunday morning! Snow! It might sound trite, but what a difference a day makes! She much preferred the snow to the rain and threat of tornadoes, so she braved the fierce winds and got these snapshots: Wonderland, for sure! More, please. Snowy Postcard Coming Down Sideways Towering Pines in Snow Snow Drift on the Window Ledge Snowy Trees and Sky And, this is what we were left with, this morning: The Next Day You can see these pictures and a few more over on Flickr!

So, to recap, that was rain, tornado threats and 70 degree temperatures on Saturday, and fierce winds and snow and 30 degree temperatures on Sunday. Today’s forecast is bright and sunny and in the high 40s. By Saturday, it could be as high as 77 degrees!! Whoever said “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute” must have lived in Central Alabama!

For me, there was only one place to be through it all: Kosmo enjoys the fireplace Kosmo ******


4 thoughts on “Snowin’ in the Pines

  1. I love your pictures. The picture of the gate is my favorite. They are all beautiful.

    Our weather was about the same as you had there. It was enough snow to admire and then it was gone making it nice and cozy and something that could be enjoyed while it lasted.

    I took some pictures to put on my blog; they were not near as pretty as yours; but they do show the snow we had here.


  2. That’s a good spot, Kosmo!

    It looks like your snow stuck around longer than ours did. We had quite a bit early Sunday morning but the sun came out about mid-morning and it all melted.


  3. I saw the first picture of the rain and thought it was a joke. I thought it just didn’t snow at all and so you put it there to be funny. And then I scrolled down and realized it. Made much more sense that way. I hope all is going well and we will hopefully be able to come see ya’ll soon.


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