It’s Curtains for Us!

Recently, we teased you with the polka-dot fabric that She bought for a project. We are now ready to reveal the finished product to you. You might recall when they finished the home gym way back in April of 2008, they still had the cables and wires showing for the LCD Television. This picture was actually taken before all the components were connected, so there were many more wires than shown here.

Gym Equipment

He and She are so tapped out when it comes to these home improvement projects, that they wanted a way to hide the wires which would not require opening the wall, or any involved building projects. So, the solution? A curtain. It took quite a bit of imagination and ingenuity to come up with a way for the curtain to work with the television bracket, but after quite a bit of discussion and a prototype or two, they came up with this:




He and She think it turned out pretty good. It was a non-invasive way to cover up an unsightly mess. She still has to make the curtain for the window, and She might also make a dust cover for the balance scale and the dumbbells. Like appliance cozies, but for the gym!

You might recall, also, they had to pull up the carpet that was installed last year due to a drainage issue. You can see the nice shiny floor in the last picture. That is actually painted concrete. It turned out pretty well, too. So, finally, the gym is finished. Whew!

They have already begun to make good use of the room. They really missed it while it was out of commission. They’ve gotten up everyday this week and worked out before going to work. The mere thought of that exhausts me! Here’s my idea of a good workout.


Anyone else with me on this?



5 thoughts on “It’s Curtains for Us!

  1. Not bad at all! I dream of the day when all electronics are cordless. There has to be a way to glean all those spare electrons from the air and use them to power things…


  2. I love the addition of the curtain! It looks perfect! Thanks so much for writing on my website – your last post was perfect, it’s just what I needed to hear! Hope She and He are doing great! miss you and can’t wait to see you in the summer!


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