Watch for Falling Flakes

Over the past weekend, the weather was very cold. We were all hoping for some snow even though none was in the forecast. It did certainly go below freezing, but the lack of precipitation prevented any flakes from falling. The frigid temperatures did create some beautiful ice sculptures, though!


Even though there were no flakes of the meteorological type, we did see quite a few here at The House of 9 Lives. No, we aren’t making disparaging remarks about any visitors, we are talking about coconut flakes. He actually baked and made the Coco Lopez cake She wanted.

Getting Ready to Make Some Magic

In Progress

The Heat is On

I don’t know exactly how good it was, but I will say there was a whole lot of “Mmm”ing and “Oh my goodness”es going on!


From the looks of this happy little plate, I would have to guess the cake turned out pretty great.

Happy Plate

It was his first attempt at making a cake, and She told him it was now going to have to be an annual tradition!



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