A Nova Dose

You talkin' to me?
Eet goes wizout saying zat here in zee House of 9 Lives, I am zee resideent Casanova. I am known as zee one around here who weel comfort and console anyone who needs eet! Because I have zees abeeleety, I have earned zee neek-name “Nova-caine”. Aft-air jus a leetle time spent wiz me, all your pains will be eased.

In zee mornings, ven She jus can not tear herself avay from me to get drezzed for vork, ve say She has had a “Nova dose”. Eet ees obvious She as become addeected to me! Let me deemonstrate zees geeft I have for you.

Zere, now – does zat not make you feel better?



4 thoughts on “A Nova Dose

  1. I see exactly what you mean! You are a great pain reliever Casanova. It is really nice to have all that help ready and available when you need it. I don’t know if I could ever leave for work and give that up; that is just too sad.


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