Nice People

What a great time of year to write about Nice People. It might be hard to believe sometimes, but they are out there! Come on, admit it – you know some nice people. Why, you might even be one!

“He” and “She” meet nice people all the time, and last night they met another. They had gone to a local barbecue restaurant after work and had just been served their food when a gentleman walked over to the table. He must have seen something that impressed him, because he was very complimentary and took the time to tell He and She how lucky they are to have one another. He chatted for a while, shook hands with them and went on his merry way.

It is really special when a strager takes a moment to say something nice, and even though he told them they had made his day, he really made theirs. Yeah, it’s a great time of year to meet Nice People. And, guess what? He was an older gentleman, with a long white beard… I’m just saying!

Merry Christmas “Mr. Smith” (wink, wink) and to all the other Nice People out there who make our days!



3 thoughts on “Nice People

  1. I love the Snow, and you are right Barny, there are good people in the world and you have the great fortune of living with Two of them,

    Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Cool! Did he ask them what y’all wanted fro Christmas? Everyone here is asking for new collars. And Pounce. Except I heard a rumor that Pounce was going out of business. I hope it was just a rumor.


  3. So I guess that puts he and she on the “nice” list. 😉 Everyone here thinks the Christmas tree is their present.

    One of my favorite barbecue restaurants is one of those places where people just come up and talk to you.


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