High on the Hog

Well, I’m sure most people were dining on Turkey instead of pork, but “High on the Hog” is a term we use in the south to describe good eats, or living decadently. So, in that sense, it could definitely apply to the elaborate and bountiful meals people typically enjoy on Thanksgiving Day. He and She didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense.  Instead, they were high on a different type of Hog. They got together with BamaJama and went for a short ride on their Harleys. They might have missed getting any good pictures over the last few weeks when the colored leaves were at a peak, but they were able to see some great sights while riding on Thursday, and she took these photos from the bike:

Thanksgiving Day Ride

Thanksgiving Day Ride


Thanksgiving Day Ride

Thanksgiving Day Ride

BamaJama's Heritage Classic

They were happy to share a beautiful ride with BamaJama, and realize it was probably the last chance they’ll have for a while, as winter is coming soon.

Even though they weren’t able to get out and see a lot of the fall trees, she did take these pictures around the house a few weeks ago:



Driveway in the Fall

After the beautiful day on Thursday, the rain set in and for the remainder of the weekend, it was gray and wet. When that started, there was a whole lot of this going on:

Fireside Chat

You can see in the picture that Kosmo has been on the ottoman, in front of the fire, for so long at this point, he is starting to melt and run off!

I’m going to have to see if there might be room for me on that ottoman, now!



5 thoughts on “High on the Hog

  1. These pictures are beautiful. They have such nice color splashes. I know that the ride had to be something inspiring. It seems to me that seeing these beautiful places in “real time” would have to be something that would be hard to put into words.

    Kosmo takes melting seriously; we all should be so relaxed.


  2. Beautiful pictures! Our leaves are almost gone, just a few colorful trees here and there. It was beautiful here on Thursday and most of Friday, then the rain started.


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