Happy Thanksgiving

Casanova Ah…zey knew zee luck vould not hold out! Eef you read zee previous post, you veel know zey had zee beeg teleeveesion in zee shop. Zey vere very pleased to find zee repairs vere covered under zee extended varranty. Unforshunatly, zey deed not have zee same experience wiz zee car! Yes, zee leetle Jetta had to go into zee shop for repairs weech set zem back ovair seven hundred dollairs!  Ouch!

To add eensult to eenjury, zey had to drive zee beeg truck in zee meantime. Eet made a beeg differaunce to go from 45 mpg to 15 mpg! Zey are very zankful to have zee leetle Jetta back at home.

Ve hope you too, can find somezing to be Zankful for zis Holiday season! From all of us here at Zee House of 9 Lives, Happy Zanksgeeving!!

Now, if you vill excuse me, I have some consoling to do!




4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Ah, yes. Car repair bills to start out the holiday season.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. We’re having a quiet one at home with our son. Daughter isn’t coming in (2 hr drive) since she has to be at the store at 4am Friday.


  2. I love you, Cassanova! I don’t have a ginger kitty in my collection. Maybe I’ll dye Ellie’s hair orange to console myself. That milage is ridiculous – good thing gas has gotten cheaper lately, you might have been out of luck for groceries.


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