Sunbeams and Other Kitty Secrets

You woke me up for this?
“She” has been spending some time at home with us during the day lately. Unfortunately, because of that, she has discovered some our most closely guarded secrets. For instance, Barny, Boomer and Nova always take the day-shift on their nice big comfy bed and often don’t move again until it’s time for the two of them to come home from work.

Alley is the quintessential security cat who witnesses the flight of every bird and the descent of every leaf.

Keeping An Eye Out

The biggest secret revealed is that Flirt likes to sleep on the stove!

Hot Kitty 

This behavior is not endorsed by anyone here, but, truth be known, Flirt probably only got on the stove because I was laying on the counter where the dishwasher is. I didn’t know it was wrong to do – I just thought it was a nice, heated place for me to lay.


Another thing that She has learned this week is that golden, muted, November sunbeams…


 do not long go unoccupied.

Blossom Sunbathing



7 thoughts on “Sunbeams and Other Kitty Secrets

  1. yeah I find my man mayo in the bay window.. in fact many people ask about our cat laying out the window seat watching traffic… he even jumps at bugs on the window, shadows, and sunrays… he is a trip, maybe being hearing impaired is a neat thing after all!


  2. Ah, what lovely things “she” has discovered. I would like to curl up in that sunshine myself. Here, my daughter’s cat growls at the dog if he captures the sunshine puddle first, and he slinks right away and leaves her in possession.

    It’s actually gotten cold here lately– something that is always made evident when I wake up to all 4 of my tribe camped out on top of me soaking the heat right out of me — and they hold tight with those little stickers, too. Wish I could exchange those for kitty velcro instead!

    Sorry I’ve been missing. We’ve been ‘askew’ in the small world for a bit. Missed everyone there!



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