Cheater’s Chili

DSC01592“She” has never been much of a cheater. She never cheated in school, She never cheated on boyfriends, She certainly has never cheated on “He”. She might have cheated on a diet once or twice, but we won’t divulge all her secrets here! But, the one thing She never hesitates to cheat on is cooking!

If you’ve read very many posts on this blog, you realize that cooking is not her passion. It’s something She usually does only when necessary. She’s thankful that He doesn’t deem it necessary too often. However, the pull of the beautiful Fall weather we’ve had lately has spun a magic spell on her, and She started craving homemade chili. Trust me, we use the term “homemade” very loosely here!

You must know by now that if you want recipes or dish ideas that call for more than three or four ingredients, all of those probably in cans, you should visit someone like Ginger, who has all kinds of mouth-watering recipes on her site. Or, Alicia, who obviously enjoys this delicious domestic art. Here, you get the quickest and least-effort-required cooking ideas! The funny thing is, when She serves her Chili to guests, she gets rave reviews! She certainly doesn’t think it is that special, but if the masses are pleased, who are we to question that?

If you would like to make a quick, extremely easy pot of chili, just do what she does.


Brown ground beef, or turkey, drain, then add 2 cans each of DelMonte Stewed Tomatoes – Mexican Recipe and Bush’s Chili Beans. Let simmer 10 minutes or more. That’s it. I promise! Of course, many of you will want to add your own touch to this very simple “recipe”, and you should certainly feel free to do so. But, She thinks that would defeat the purpose! Throw on some cheese and crackers, and this stuff is good eatin’!

You should know that She doesn’t do spicy. Everything that goes into this chili is mild, resulting in a wonderfully smooth chili taste with no afterburner! If you are wondering why the tomatoes are in the blender, it’s because “He” can’t stand to bite into a tomato. He doesn’t mind the taste, and he knows they are in there, but we can’t go having any tomato chunks! If only she could buy these already pureed, this would be even that much easier!

Sorry there’s no photo of the finished product to share. But it was apparently pretty good, judging from the empty bowls!



5 thoughts on “Cheater’s Chili

  1. Oh that’s really easy. We’re spicy food eaters so I buy one of those packages of chili flavorings and add beans, beef, tomatoes, onions, peppers and sometimes some extra spice.


  2. Mexican stewed tomatoes huh? I am guilty of using chili-o as my primary chili seasoning! Good idea to puree the tomatoes too – Michael would love it if I did that. He usually leaves a little pile of tomato chunks in the bottom of the bowl.


  3. This is kind of the way I make my chili, kind of. I use a pack of Taco seasoning in my meat and add chopped onion. Then I add a can of rotel (canned tomatoes with chilis) to the meat. Then I add 2 cans of stewed tomatoes and a can of chili beans. Pretty tasty. More spicy than yours. But both are good on a cold day like we are having here today.


  4. I use the recipe off the back of the McCormick packet and put it in the crock pot for a couple of hours… it is great. I have made chili twice in the last 3 weeks, might have to try this easier way though:)


  5. Hey Alley – our humans are making chili here today too! Himself is the true cook, although Herself is often the one making the meals around here. Today, Himself felt in the mood for chili and boy does he make it spicy. Us tabbies were barely able to step inside the kitchen — just to breathe the air in there was enough to water your eyes and make you cough. But we have the windows open today and we’ll forgive Himself because of it. Our humans are crazy though. They make everything vegetarian — even the chili! They use veggie meat and fresh jalapenos and pablano peppers. It cooks for 3 hours. We’re just hoping that they don’t give us any of that stuff. We prefer our meat, thank you. Well, take care Alley and the rest in the house of 9lives.


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