Sweet Things

We wanted to write a post to make you aware of an opportunity for you to do something sweet for a deployed solider. Baker Niece has joined a group known as Operation Baking GALS (GALS = Give A Little Support). 

This group coordinates an effort to provide members of our military, currently deployed overseas, with home baked goodies. Baker Niece has received the honor of being a hostess for round four of this effort. If you think you might like to join in and contribute to the cause, you can get details from her site devoted to this endeavor at SugarBakerz Sweeties. You can also find out a little about the soldier to whom the goodies will be sent! Also, check out Baker Niece’s cake site at SugarBakerz.

Speaking of sweet things, we wanted to let you all know that Lilah is back home and recovering well. She is very proud of her shaved belly and incision, and is always showing it off.


Lilah will probably be upset when she sees that I posted this picture! She thinks it makes her look fat. She’s not fat – she’s fluffy.

Oh well, fluffy or not, we love her and are glad to have her back home!

DSC01574 (2)




5 thoughts on “Sweet Things

  1. So glad that lilah’s back home & doing well.
    Love the bald belly pic. What’s the fun of having a surgery scar if you can’t show it to everyone & tell them ALL the surgery story (in great detail)?
    When one of your cats come home from the vet & have that smell on them, do any of the other cats hiss at them? Our Pepper (gone the way of all flesh now) would give Buddy a hard time when he got home from the vet. I learned to put a little alcohol on her lower back so they both would smell almost the same. This would shut her up.
    Thanks for the update.


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