Sport Utility Vehicle

BoomerWe had a three-day weekend here at “The House of 9 Lives” – it was pretty good all in all, however, it did include another visit to Dr. M. This time for Lilah.  Because of Lilah’s tendency to “think outside the box” (failing to use the litter box), He and She took her into see Dr. M. on Monday. Dr. M. was concerned that Lilah might have Bladder stones, and an ultrasound confirmed an object in her bladder. So, today, Dr. M. did surgery, but found instead that Lilah had a mass growing on her bladder. The mass has been removed and sent off to pathology, but Dr. M. doesn’t suspect any bad results and does expect a full recovery. Another issue was discovered with Lilah, as well. She has a condition known as Megacolon. You can read more about that at this link if you care to. This condition can be treated with medicine. So, all of us here are hoping for Lilah to come home soon, feeling all better. We think The House of 9 Lives will single handedly provide for Dr. M.’s child’s college education!

Well, obviously, the title of this post doesn’t have anything to do with Lilah, so on to the point. The weather this weekend was not really conducive to riding. They don’t like to get too far away from home when it looks like it could come a downpour at any moment. On Monday afternoon, they still had one more errand to run, and because they hadn’t been on the bike all weekend, they decided to take the long way into town to the grocery store. What we wanted to share with you here, is how they managed to come home with over $70 worth of groceries on the motorcycle!


Yep, all of this was brought home on the motorcycle, thanks to the leather saddle bags and the sissy bar bag. Sport utility vehicle? I think it is! It is definitely sporty, obviously utilitarian, and just imagine an “SUV” that gets this kind of gas mileage! They find new reasons to fall in love with this bike all the time!

Of course, it doesn’t say much for the state of our economy that it cost $70 for this amount of groceries!



3 thoughts on “Sport Utility Vehicle

  1. Hope Lilah will be back to normal real soon.

    We don’t see any cat treats and cat food in the supermarket haul. Imagine what they could bring home in a real SUV.


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