October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Because “She” loves the color pink, she is naturally drawn to all the items being marketed to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. There is a plethora of products available that are pink and/or sport the iconic pink ribbon. You can get everything from bracelets and hats to vacuums and mixers! Recently, She was at Walgreen’s and found these cute “readers”:


Yeah, She will be rockin’ that pink ribbon while She is reading now!

Save the Ta-Tas Readers

College Nephew has a great story about how he and his fraternity used a prank to further the cause. It seems his fraternity house had a huge banner out front proclaiming their name. Another fraternity tried to get the best of them by coming along one night and painting the banner pink! However, these fast-thinking guys didn’t let the other group get one over on them! Instead, under the fraternity name on the banner, they wrote “Supports Breast Cancer Research”! Now, that’s quick thinking!!

There is a really good chance that you know someone whose life has been touched by this insidious disease. Be sure to do what you can to support and further research. And, remember, you can help change the statistics on a personal level with regular exams and mammography to promote early detection and treatment. Being aware of a problem is half the battle!



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