Moose Tracks and Trains

Moose tracks and trains – that’s two things you hardly ever see in the same place, here in Central Alabama! But, He and She have been at it again! Out riding that motorcycle, and you just never know what they might see when they do that. He said this past weekend was just too good to pass up a chance to ride. We really had “Goldilocks” weather -that means it was “juuust” right!

On Saturday, after breakfast, He and She set out with no particular destination in mind, but found themselves in the heart of downtown Alexander City. They knew of a quaint little place there called Carlisle Drugs, but had never visited it. RxNiece is a pharmacist and works there, so they decided to stop by and see if she happened to be on duty. RxNiece had the day off, but, they do have this at Carlisle:

Carlisle Drugs Soda Fountain

They believe it is the oldest surviving Soda Fountain in the state! More on that, later!

Before they went into the store, they met a very nice guy who is a photographer and train enthusiast. He also happens to enjoy riding his Honda Shadow, and has visited many places that He and She hope to go to one day on the bike. You can visit Dale’s website here! While they were standing outside Carlisle Drugs, Dale set up to take a shot of an on-coming locomotive. This shot on his site is just like the one he took on Saturday. Because She likes to take photos for the blog, when She saw what Dale was doing, She tried to get the same picture. This is hers:

Coming like a freight train

Of course, his shot is much better, as he is a serious photographer, with a very nice, serious-looking camera. But, She didn’t hesitate to give it a try with her cute little pink Sony!

Here is a picture of the historic marker that tells all about the Savannah and Memphis Railroad. The last car of the train is seen going by. She was disappointed there was no caboose!


This picture isn’t particularly artistic or interesting, but She wanted to give an idea just how close to the building the train runs. RxNiece says you can actually feel the train as it goes by.


Here is the exterior of the building as it faces the train track. They loved the old painted sign and advertisement on the side of the building. This place is full of Nostalgia!


Here is the Soda Fountain inside:


He and She can’t make a habit of going there. Because of this:


Yep, that’s a Moose Tracks Malt – it didn’t have a very long shelf life:


The actual tracks the moose left – caramel filled!


Carlisle is more than a Soda Fountain and Pharmacy, they also have a large selection of gift items. Way more than what is shown here:


After enjoying the malt and soaking up the atmosphere for a while, they got back on the bike and went visiting. They had a great time with RxNiece and her family and also spent some time with MomTo3Niece and her family. It was a really good day all the way around!




6 thoughts on “Moose Tracks and Trains

  1. Well, that sure makes me want to put on bobby socks and a poodle skirt, but, Boots says my Tail’s too long!!!!

    Sure looks like a neat place!


  2. Hi Sharly! Thank you so much for posting pics of Carlisle’s! I have never been there but have passed by and next time will be sure to go in!

    Oh…and I hate to say this but I think Payne’s in Scottsboro is the oldest soda fountain in the state – that one’s been around since just after the war – 1869.

    Still, I am going to go try out Carlisle’s the next time I am over that way!


  3. What a lovely place. I love your picture of the train and I think it is as good as the “photographer” picture.

    I used to go to a soda fountain with a friend of mine when I was 8 years old. We lived in Dallas, Texas. I still have fond memories of that time. The malts we got then didn’t have moose tracks but they were so thick and tall. The straws were made of paper and had red and white stripes. That memory always brings back a happy feeling for me.

    Thanks for takiing us on your wonderful journey once again.


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