Life is Good

Jazz Napping So, it’s finally my turn to write again. (Click here for my story). Things are going great for me. I’m feeling so much better, and I am still so happy to be back home. I’m eating very well, not only from our regular supply of dry food, but I get one-on-one feedings several times a day of my special canned food, too. I still have some symptoms, like a lot of sneezing, and though one of my eyes has healed and is almost back to normal, one continues to be affected. “He” and “She” picked up some new antibiotic ointment yesterday and they really hope it will make a difference with my eye. They continue to give me benadryl (per my doctor’s recommendation) for my sneezing and occasional sniffles and it seems to keep that at bay. All in all, I am doing very well. Pretty much back to my old self, picking up weight and growing back my coat where it was shaved. Life is good!

Speaking of the good life, we haven’t shared any sights from recent motorcycle rides in a while, so here are some photos to enjoy:

A Gathering Place

Gray Barn

Yellow Field

Lochapoka Barn

Morning Sky

I have determined that life runs in cycles, the old “hills and valleys” theory. We may all be in different places – some are on hills and some are in valleys. Whenever you find yourself in a valley, it’s important to keep looking up, or you just might miss the hill. I’m glad to say that at this point we are on a hill, here at the House of 9 Lives, and we hope you are too.

Yeah, life sure is good.



5 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. Hiya, Jazz! I am so glad you keep feeling better and better/ Does the Benedryl make you all frothy at the mouth? We had to give some to Betty for a car trip one time and you have never SEEN so much foam! I thought we had poisoned her. It didn’t work either, she just cried sleepy instead of crying awake all the way there.


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