How We Roll

Today ees zee first day of zee Fall. Zees ees a favorite time of zee year for a lot of people. Can you blame zem? Avround here, eet means a break from zee hot, humeed days of zee Summ-air, zee colleege football, and zee beautiful, turning leaves.

“He” and “She” took zee opportuity of zee cool-air temperatures to do a leettle firevood cutting yesterday. Zee vooded area on our prop-air-ty provides zem wiz ample firevood, and zey do not even have to cut down trees to get it. Usually, zee vind veel see to eet zhere are a couple of beeg leembs or trees zat go down. Zees ees where zey get zee firevood. No need to take down a healzy tree, when zee vood ees already zere for zee taking.

Vhile zey were out doing zis:

They Traded the "Hogs" for Logs
They Traded “Hogs” for logs. 

To get zis:

Cozy Fires to Come

Cozy Fires to Come

Ve were doing zis:
Cat Napping

Cat Napping

Yeah, zis is how ve roll!
And, wiz zee change in zee weazer, He and She hope zis ees how zey vill get to roll more often!
Shadowy Figures

A Couple of Shadowy Figures



3 thoughts on “How We Roll

  1. Yes!! Fall is my favorite season. We had a wind storm recently when the remnant of Hurricane Ike came thru. Free firewood for the cutting & taking. Wish we had a fireplace.

    How’s Jaz?


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