Music to my Ears

“He” and “She” have a wedding anniversary this weekend, Sunday, September 14th. They will have been married for twenty-four years. That seems like a really long time to me! But, they say the time has flown by.

They were looking at the list of traditional gifts for anniversaries, and while there is no gift for a twenty-fourth anniversary on the traditional list, the modern gift for this year is a musical instrument. Since she only took violin lessons for a few months, a few years ago, and he recently gave away his guitar, there isn’t much in that category they could think of they would like to have. Nothing musical at all comes to mind. They don’t care for live concerts too much, and they have all the stereos and MP3 players and such that they need. They thought about maybe going somewhere musical, like Nashville, which wouldn’t be too far, but they really don’t like to be away from home overnight too much. Well, maybe they’ll just settle down for a nice romantic candlelit night and munch on Bugles and Fiddle (Faddle). That has a musical ring to it, doesn’t it?

You can bet next year their anniversary won’t be any problem. The minute He found out it would be their Silver anniversary, he immediately knew what to get. Chrome for the bike! Ah, romance!



4 thoughts on “Music to my Ears

  1. Snacks sound good to me (love the fiddle faddle). Happy anniversary! You could throw in a movie like Detroit Rock City or Spinaltap. heehee (Or Tommy!, or that new beetles one that won an oscar I think. Rocky Horror has motorcycles…)


  2. Happy Anniversary! Your anniversaries sound like ours. I haven’t had Bugles in a really long time. I like Emily’s idea of watching a movie while you’re eating your Bugles.


  3. Hey, Alley,

    Why don’t you suggest the gift of a music box?

    Here’s a link to one that, while not exactly as elegant as the $8,000 one that this same company sells, might at least show “heart’s in the right place”!

    Tell HE and SHE many more happy years are laid forward long into their future. And may it be FULL of kitties!

    Celebrating in advance,


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