She’s Come Unglued

It might be strange to you that a cat is writing about something like ladies’ makeup, but that’s how it is around here at The House of 9 Lives. We share in their lives, much as they share in ours. They appreciate the beauty of napping in a sunbeam, while we like to help them work on the computer.

When it comes to makeup, “She” doesn’t wear a lot of it on a regular basis, and lateley, she is completely disenchanted with mascara. No matter what brand she wears, or how expensive it is, she winds up with raccoon eyes at the end of the day. No matter how smudgeproof or waterproof the claims are, it just doesn’t work for her. She finally decided it was better to have none on at all than to walk around with it smudged all underneath her eyes, so she hasn’t been wearing it.

Recently, she decided she would give false eyelashes a try. She fumbled with them for a while and finally got them positioned right on her eyelids. She actually thought they looked pretty good. Not overly fake-looking, and He even said they looked good. She just knew this was going to be the cure for mascara-smudged eyes. Unfortunately, while they were at breakfast, she realized the lashes were loosening. So, to avoid any major embarrasment (which would have made a good post for me), She removed them.

She tried again on Monday, to wear them to work. They stayed on this time for almost two hours, but she had to take them off about the time she got there, as one of them was just barely hanging on. When She got home yesterday afternoon, She had other things to do, so She just put them up on the shelf in the bathroom. When He went into the bathroom this morning, this is what greeted him:

Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued

I think that towel is winking at him!!



3 thoughts on “She’s Come Unglued

  1. That is funny! I can see the two of you laughing when He saw that “wink” on the towel.

    I had the same problem that you are having with mascara. One way I found to help with that is to put the mascara on the top eyelashes only. While it is still wet gently blink your eyes and let it coat the bottom lashes a little. This would keep mine from smudging. I don’t wear any makeup now because I have Rosacea in my eyes and the eye makeup is not good for them. But I used to never leave my house without being made up. It saves a lot of time getting dressed in the morning too.


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