I am Not a Backrest…

“I am not a backrest” is a term female motorcycle drivers use to state they are independent riders and aren’t serving just as a comfortable place for a male driver to lean back on while riding.  Many of the lady riders that She and He have met have told them that it is just a matter of time before She wants a bike of her own. She, however really thinks that won’t happen.  He and She have such a close relationship and do pretty much everything together.  During their rides on the motorcycle, She is more than a passenger, she is a co-pilot, helping to watch for possible problems. He has made it clear to her that She is helpful to him while they are riding. Along with the close bond they share, just being physically close to one another is a treat. And, it’s nice to be able to converse about the things they are experiencing, too.

Riding a motorcycle is really a sensory experience. All five senses come into play. Riding a Harley, as they do, hearing the rumble of the bike as it speeds along, or those of others you may be riding with or meet, is a thrill. The aromas, both good and bad, are abundant. Riding in rural areas, it is very common to catch the smell of fresh cut grass or hay, pine trees, or when going past a house, you might smell coffee brewing, or even fabric softener as people are tending to the business of their daily lives. The sense of feel is very much heightened while traveling on a motorcycle. There is the wind blowing past you along with each mile, and, in their case, the closeness of a loved one. Taste may be a little harder to define, as riding usually leaves you with a dry cottonmouth effect, but figuratively speaking, the taste of freedom one experiences while riding is unequaled. Sight is probably the most overloaded sense when out on the road. The scenery as viewed from the perspective of a bike is amazing. Here are just a few things they spotted while on their 296 mile ride on Saturday:

Papa J. and Mama V.’s driveway as they were leaving:

Rural Alabama has a lot of churches:
Red Door Church

Immaculate Conception Church

Baptist Church

God's House

There are also a lot of barns:
Old Red Barn


Nice Red Barn

Tin Barn

There are also some interesting old buildings:

Old Brown Building

And this really odd place:
Odd Building

And, a lot of blue sky with friendly puffy clouds and lush greenery:
Blue Sky

Because she doesn’t have the responsibility of driving the bike, she is easily able to look around, enjoy the ride, take pictures, and feel a special closeness to the one she loves. While She understands the ladies who would rather have their own bikes, and can see the appeal, She would say as a passenger, “I am not a backrest… I am much more. Co-pilot, companion, confidante, and official trip photographer”.



3 thoughts on “I am Not a Backrest…

  1. WowWee! Those are some very nice pictures, we have always had a clue
    that the outdoors are beautiful, so now we know! We can’t go when Mommie and Daddy go with He & She, but Scooter wants to, but me, I think it would scare me and make my tail bush out!! Anyway they are looking for a Helmet for Scooter, with Flames!!

    Cuzz’s Boots & Scooter!


  2. I think that being a backrest is not all that bad when you add it to the list you have here.

    The pictures are pretty and not blurred at all. You do a great job taking pictures while moving. The puffy building is strange; I wonder what that is all about.


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