Eating to Live

I’ve heard that you either Eat to Live, or Live to Eat. Well, in my case, it is definitely a Live to Eat situation. But, for Jazz, it is Eat to Live. Today, we had another milestone. Since his return from the hospital, Jazz has only eaten the very special food he was sent home with. He’s been eating three times a day, and still has to be encouraged with a spoon at times. He’s up to about 3/4 of a can per day, which is pretty good.

This morning, when “He” gave us our morning treats (yes, we get treated twice a day), Jazz joined in and ate some. It’s the first time he has shown any interest in any type of dry food. So, “She” pulled out the special treats that Mrs. Emily sent to us and he ate those too! Because She is really hoping he will eventually start to eat the dry food on his own again, She went to the bowl and brought back a few little pieces of that, and he was very excited and had those gone in a second!! When She took him to the bowl and sat him down, he acted like they have been hiding the food. He dug in and actually stayed at the bowl for twenty mintues eating our regular food.

Jazz Eating! 

We all hope this is a step toward his regular eating habits, and seems to be one more milestone in his recovery! We are all very excited at this! Thanks for checking in on us, and we hope you have a very happy Labor Day!!



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