Ve here at zee House of 9 Lives haf a few new heroes. We haf many heroes already, including zee memb-airs of our armed forces, and zee complete staff of our favorite Veterinary Clinic. Our newest heroes may, at first, look unlikely to many of our readers, but ve zink eef you read a leettle about zem, you vill join us in our admiirashun of zem.

Zey are named Mike Tattoo, Johnny “O”, Batso, Big Ant, George, Sal, Biagi, Angel, Des & Ron. Please be sure to veesit their site at Rescue Ink, and espeshully check out zeese page.

Zeese guys really are Sup-air Heroes!

Ve love you fellows – keep up zee good vork, and conteenue zee fight against aneemal abuse! Hey, and eef you need us, we got your backs!



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