The Spoiling

Things continue to go well here at The House of 9 Lives, finally! Jazz coming home has made the whole atmosphere here better. It couldn’t have been a better weekend. The weather was gray and drab and rainy, which made it just right for “He” and “She” to spend the entire time in the house with us! Of course, Jazz logged a lot of lap time, but the rest of us don’t even mind. Even Kosmo has agreed to let the Top Cat have top lap priority.

As if all the spoiling Jazz is getting around here weren’t enough, he’s even being spoiled from afar! Our friend Emily was so sweet and thoughtful to send Jazz a care package! Even though she has been up to her kneecaps in Dish Rag Tag.


The model next to the package is our friend Stretch. He has always been a Jazz look-a-like, so we wanted him to pose with the package. He is wearing a denim Harley hat that She mistakenly thought She could get one of us to wear. (What was She thinking!?)

And, this is what was inside the package from Emily:


Two kinds of treats, a fun catnip mouse and the sweetest note from Emily and the Kitties. Of course, the spoiling does have a spill-over effect, and that is fine with the rest of us!


Notice Jazz is sharing treats with Kosmo, Barny & Lilah, but has no plans to share the catnip mouse!! Actually, he isn’t interested in the treats yet, but She is saving some for him to enjoy when he is up to it. For now, we are happy with each of the small improvements he makes each day. Thankfully, Boomer finally realized the odd smelling orange and white cat is his buddy Jazz, and has stopped freaking out.

Yeah, things are really getting back to normal around here. I’m fine with that! Just let the spoiling continue!



3 thoughts on “The Spoiling

  1. Oh Jazz, we’ve been trying to catch up on what happened. We didn’t know you were not feeling well. Sounds like you were hit really bad with the virus. We have all fought it ourselves. Scout got it the worst–he didn’t eat, like you, but our humans gave him special attentions and finally got him back to eating a day and a half later. I never lose my appetite, but my eye runs all the time. Sometimes Guinny and Scout’s eyes run too, but that comes and goes. Mine is consistent and I hate when Mom has to take the tissue thing to my face. We’re glad you are much much better and home. Our purrs are with you for a full recovery and for lots more treats!

    -Sonny of Three Tabby Troublemakers


  2. I’m just now catching up after being out of town. I’m so happy Jazz is home now. I know he’s happy to be home and finally rid of that doctor’s office smell. I hope you’re back to eating kitty treats soon.


  3. Awww so sweet to share! Stuffed animals always make me feel better so I am glad it does the same for Jazz!

    Seriously? None of you will wear that hat? Nine out of ten cats agree that hats are not for wearing.


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