The Homecoming

Jazz is finally home. He actually made the decision that it was time for him to be here, himself. Yesterday, “He” & “She” got a call that Jazz had pulled out the feeding tube. He’s actually been eating for a few days, but he still has to be enticed to get started, so I guess he thought it was time for the tube to go. She had just told him on their last visit he would have to start eating and drinking if he wanted to come home, so I guess he was making a commitment to do that when he pulled the tube out.

They picked him up this morning from Dr. M.’s where he was given a sweet send off by Mrs. E. and Mrs. C. They said they would miss him there. He’s been a fixture for the last 4 weeks! She has taken the day off work to spend with him to make sure the transition back home is a smooth one. He went into work after they got Jazz safely home. Now, Jazz is just reacquainting himself with the house and the rest of us. Boomer is having the most difficulty and is acting funny toward Jazz. Boomer has trouble with change, but he should adjust soon, as he and Jazz were great friends before the hospital visit.

Here are some pictures from this morning:

This is all the medicine and food that they came home with. She is nervous about making sure he gets everything when he is supposed to, but is determined that he will!

There weren’t many windows he could look out of when he was in the hospital, even though he pretty much had free run of the place the last few days, so one of the first places he settled was at the back door looking at the outside world!

They hadn’t been home long at all when this little guy stopped by to tell Jazz “Welcome Home”. She has a special place in her heart for butterflies, so She took this as a very good sign.

He laid here for a little while:

Then, here for a while:

But he finally curled up and got comfortable and made himself at home here:

I just wish things would hurry up and get back to normal. I mean, I’m as glad as the next cat or person to have Jazz back home and on his way to a full recovery. I just wish She would quit following him all over the house and would sit down somewhere so I could get in her lap!




7 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. Welcome home Jazz! We are thrilled to see you enjoying your favorite spots around the house, just chill, take a pill, catch some rays and be sweet for He and She when its time to take your Meds.

    Love Cuzz’s Boots & Scooter!

    P.S. Get better ’cause we got a couple of big Ducks that we need some help with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Great news!

    I wasn’t feeling well today and I stayed home from work so I didn’t get to see “He” this morning but “He” had told me that Jazz had removed his feeding tube yesterday.

    I am on my way home now and cataching up pn my blog reading during the ride. This is my favorite part of having a Blackberry. Before I had the Blackberry It might have been Monday before I found out the great news about Jazz.

    Hope all goes well and everyone has a good weekend.


  3. Yaaay! I saw the flickrs and ran over here to read!

    Welcome home!

    Abigail and Lady Bird always hiss at whoever has been to the vet – and they’ve only been gone a half hour! Maybe it will take him a little longer to smell like himself.


  4. Welcome home Jazz!!!

    Make sure you’re enticed for every meal. Really that’s the charge for being followed by the flashy box when you got home.

    Kosmo – you need to hide the flashy box so the “She” has no choice but to provide you with a lap.

    This is the bestest news of the week.


  5. Oh, my God — thank You! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE & WELCOME HOME from Shu and the tribe of the small world

    (Shu cried with joy at this news)


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