Just Peachy

Sunday, “He” and “She” rode the bike up to Pelham, Alabama to Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson. It was a great ride and they were joined by Papa J., Mama V., R. & N. On the way there, they stopped at Peach Park in Clanton Alabama where they are known for their peaches.


Luckily, they had the new sissy bar bag on the bike, because He bought these:


At Heart of Dixie, they saw some really great bikes, like this red Softail Deluxe and this black one:
Here are some other pictures She took while there:

They also got a new kitty while they were there. Not to worry, though. This one will stay healthy. This is Axle:
Axle is a Harley cat – he even wears a nice leather Harley cap!

Speaking of healthy cats – Jazz continues to do well. He is eating strictly by mouth now, however, he still insitsts on being hand fed. He is not yet eating from a bowl. Dr. M. says this could be due to the fact that his sense of smell has been impaired by all the nerve damage he had. We are still hopeful he will start eating on his own. He still has the feeding tube as it makes it a lot easier for him to get his many medicines each day. He is on the mend – it is just going slow. He and She plan to visit with him tomorrow.

By the way, does Axle remind you of anyone?



Isn’t that just peachy?



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