That’s What I’m Talking About!


“He” and “She” had a very busy day today, and one of the very best parts was the first thing that happened. By 7:30 a.m., they were at Dr. M.’s office to visit with Jazz. He was doing pretty good, and because they were anxious to see him eat, Mrs. E. gave them some food to give to him. First, they gave him the bowl to see if he would just eat from it, but he’s not quite up to that yet, so they took turns feeding him from a tounge depressor, and he eventually ate approximately 1/3 of a cup of food! He is still pretty weak and like anyone who has been in the hospital for three weeks, he still needs a lot of rest and recuperation. They were so elated to see him taking food by mouth and are confident now he will make a full recovery.

After the visit with Jazz, they had breakfast with Skeeter and Ohio, then joined Mama V. and Papa J. for a visit. After returning home to take care of a few things, they were off again. This time to Opelika to pick up the Harley from Big Swamp Harley Davidson where it had received its 1000 mile service, as well as an upgrade to Stage II which included Screaming Eagle 203 Cams, and a Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner. This upgrade netted a total of 80 horsepower and a torque of 83 at 5000 rpms. He also had them install a Kuryakyn Electromagnetic Cruise Control and Panacea rear lights. All these upgrades will make the bike more fun to ride, and the light upgrade is added safety.

Lady Lex

On the way to the H.D. shop, they stopped in Auburn to have a treat in celebration of Jazz’ latest improvement. Good thing for them, (and their wasitlines and cholesterol), there isn’t a Bruster’s closer to home!

Bruster's Ice Cream - Auburn AL

He enjoyed a waffle cone with two scoops of Oreo Cheesecake, and She indulged in a waffle cone with a single scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. They felt like they were doing something wrong, but in light of the celebration, they managed to enjoy!

Bruster's Ice Cream

After picking up the bike (and spending a few Harley Dollars*), He rode the bike home and She followed in the car. They ran through intermittent light rains, but the ride was otherwise uneventful. When they got home, they installed the new sissy bar bag they ordered from Dennis Kirk. It is a Saddlemen Deluxe Sissy Bar Bag with Chrome Studs. Now, when they want to get away from it all, they can take a lot of it with them!

So, to recap the day:

  • Great visit with Jazz, who ate a like he hadn’t eaten in three weeks
  • Good breakfast with loved ones
  • Good visit with great friends
  • Upgrades to an already awesome motorcycle
  • Wonderful, sweet, creamy Bruster’s Ice Cream

Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

*One Harley Dollar = One Hundred Dollars



4 thoughts on “That’s What I’m Talking About!

  1. I’m glad Jazz is better and the other cats are still okay. Can I come chase Jazz when she gets home just to make sure she’s ok? I’ll be nice. Mom wants to know what made Jazz sick. I’ll be home soon -maybe just in time for Jazz to come home. Brownster


  2. We heard the good news!!!!!!!! Of course mommy was crying and we had to get a tissue, but we sure didn’t mind doing that for her, we knew she was happy about Jazz and so are we, and we like playing with the tissue box so that was good excuse!!! Good Luck Jazz-Man!

    Oh and Scooter likes the big purse on the back of the bike!!!PURRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

    Cuzz’s Boots & Scooter!!


  3. This makes me want to get a Harley and run away. If I knew I could see all the pretty sites you all have seen I would be happy to travel like that every day. My traveling would have to be from a car though because as tempting as you make it I just haven’t got the nerve to go on a Harley.

    Lady Lex is beautiful and I love the new bag!

    Jazz is on the rigt track now. He should be home soon.


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