Patience as Opposed to Patients

Yesterday, “He” and “She” got to go visit Jazz, but I didn’t get to go. They had to leave work a little early as it takes them about an hour to get to Dr. M.’s office. They aren’t able to go visit everyday, and were both so excited to see him again. Dr. M. had told them that Jazz had made some more improvements and was actually a lot more alert and as she said, acting like a “normal cat”. Well, that was about the best news they could have hoped for!

When they arrived, they found Jazz snuggled into a plush bed he has been loaned to recuperate in. She quickly scooped him up (he has lost a lot of weight) and took him to a recliner where he assumed his favorite position in her lap. It was really touching to both He and She to see his personality again. It has been a long 2 1/2 weeks! He sat with her for about 10-15 minutes and then got out of the chair and did some exploring, rubbing his face on everything in sight! They were so thrilled to see him up and around.

(That’s J.J. looking at him from the chair – J.J. is looking for a home.)

(Some of the pictures are blurry because of the low light conditions.)

(The goofy red necklace he is wearing is actually his feeding tube.)

The next hurdle in his recovery is to get him to eat and get the feeding tube removed. They opened five different kinds of food while they were there, but he wasn’t interested in any of them, however, Tiny Tim certified they were all very palatable. I guess he just isn’t ready yet. On the plus side, they did bring home the stuff he wouldn’t eat.

She printed out all the nice comments that have been left on this site wishing Jazz well and took them to the clinic and He read them to him. It really seemed to brighten him a bit.

Thank you again for all your well wishes, and keep up the thoughts and prayers. Jazz still has some time to go before he is completely recovered. The rest of us are doing well. We are all taking a food supplement now to boost our immunity. Flirt and Barny, who probably need it the most are two of the pickiest and give She a hard time. But, maybe soon order will be restored to our little universe here at The House of 9 Lives. We need a lot of patience, but no more patients, please.



7 thoughts on “Patience as Opposed to Patients

  1. Jazz is looking good. He is moving around really well. I am glad to hear that he is up and see the pictures of him. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I like the last sentence of your blog and I agree, no more patients, please.


  2. I’m glad Jazz seems to be on the road to recovery. He looks great, just a little tired..but I’m sure its depressing being away from home and not feeling well to boot. Continue to get better Jazz!!!


  3. ok Jass-a-Re, let’s get to eating, you need to do that so you can get home and keep all the rest of them dudes in line!!! We sure hope you continue to improve so you can go home very soon,

    Love,Cuzz’s Boots and Scooter,

    P.S, tell Tiny Tim that we can handel the grubb!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. We’re glad Jazz is feeling much better and returning to his normal self. The hard part is finding the right kind of food, with the right taste and smell.


  5. Jazz, you’re looking really good. Just keep up the good work and take a bite of food now and then. 🙂

    Whenever our ferrets have been sick, it’s always hard to get them to eat until they are almost back to normal. My secret weapon is Gerber’s Stage 2 baby food meats heated a little to make them stinky.

    Hugs to Jazz!


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