The Good Stuff

Barny Looking Up
Jazz is a really cool cat. His name fits him in so many ways. When he was a kitten, he would get this wild look in his eyes and take off like he had two tails and they were both on fire! This was known as being “on the Jazz”. Now, he is a big guy, and when he wants some lap time, he always plays it real cool by walking around and ignoring the soon-to-be recipient of his affection, then without warning, he’s in a lap, rolling over on his back for a belly rub. Always smooth and cool, just like Jazz music – the good stuff.

We have really missed having him around the house. He is Top Cat here, so in his absence, there has been a bit of anarchy. There is a power struggle going on now between Lilah and Kosmo, who both think they should have that honor until Jazz comes home.

This morning, we got some good news. Dr. M. called, and she thinks Jazz is doing somewhat better. He is still being fed through a feeding tube, and is holding the food and medicine down. Some of his other symptoms have improved, and he is starting to look around at his surroundings in an inquisitive way. “He” and “She” visited him on Saturday for a while, and he did enjoy a belly rub or two. He is also purring some, which, while weak, is a really good sign. That’s really good stuff! We are hoping for this type of improvement every day, and while we are trying to have patience, we want him well enough to come home soon.

Flirt nor I were feeling well on Thursday, so we were both whisked away. I was fortunate enough to be able to come home on the same day, but Flirt had to stay until Saturday. She is home now and doing well. They treated us really good while we were there, and fed us some wonderful Salmon flavored food. She was concerned why I wasn’t eating when I first came home, but between you and me, I was holding out for the good stuff!

I’m sure He and She will make sure there is plenty of the good stuff here for Jazz when he comes home, and maybe it will be okay with them if we all get a little bit of it, too!



6 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. It is nice to know that Jazz is doing well. I know you are all waiting for the day he can come home. I am sure he will be happy to share the good stuff with you.

    My little baby Chihuahua, Lucy, is so alergic to everything that she has to have a special food to eat, Z/D. Her brother Dachshund, Buddy, doesn’t have to eat perscription food and Lucy wants his Kibbles and Bits. So, Buddy gets to share Lucy’s perscription food so Lucy doesn’t feel cheated.

    Lots of well wishes to Jazz.


  2. I’m so sorry I’ve been un-looped from the happenings and had missed hearing of Jazz’s health crisis. I will be sending him tons of light and well-wishes and am sure my tribe will be doing likewise when I go back and tell them. Kitties in hospitals are not happy events. Glad to at least come in on the goings on in time to learn of his improvement, which I hope continues swiftly and completely. Please give him many bellyrubs and pets from the whole crew at the Small World.

    with all best thoughts,


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