Tiny Tim

For zee past veek, zings have not been zee same here een zee House of 9 Lives. We have been meesing our buddee Jazz. Jazz ees very, very seeck, but ve are hoping he vill make a full recovery and return home to us soon. Vhen he comes home, ve vill let heem tell you hees story. In zee meantime, I vould like to tell you about a friend he has made vhile he is een zee hospeetal.

Thees ees Tiny Teem.
Tiny Tim
You vill see zat Teem’s name ees a beet of a mis-nomer. He has a veight problem, but hees story ees so amazing zat eet ees a meerycle he ees even here.

Tiny Tim

Teem vas brought to Dr. M as a small keety after he jumped from zee roof of a barn and became eempaled on a feence post. Zee post vas through hees back. Zee poor fellow was stuck zere for some time before some kind people found heem and took heem to zee hospeetal. Zee injuries vere so severe, zey deed not know eef he could even survive. After hees surgery, zere was not even enough skeen to close zee vound, so, Teem vas confined for seex months vhile hees vound healed. In zat time zere vas nozing for heem to do for fun, except to eat!
Tiny Tim
So, over zee time, he gained a few pounds, but he has made a vonderful recovery. Zee nice people in zee hospeetal tried to put heem on a diet, but he gained a pound. Now, he teeps zee scale at 30 lbs. but, who ees counting? He ees happy and content, and leeving hees life at zee hospeetal now as zee darling resideent. Ve are so happy zat he ees doing vell.

Please keep Jazz in your thoughts as he continues to recover and ve vill keep you posted on hees progress. Ve are all eempatient and ready for heem to be vell and come home.



9 thoughts on “Tiny Tim

  1. That is an amazing story! I am so glad that Dr. M was able to help him. He looks so happy.

    I know you are looking forward to Jazz coming home. It is hard on everyone for one of the family to be sick. I look forward to reading his story.


  2. Jazz, all of us here are hoping for a speedy recovery for you! Feel better soonest! Your new friend is a charmer – as long as he can walk to his food bowl I am sure he will be a happy kitty.


  3. Hi! This is Brownie. I know I’m not a cat; I’m a dog, but my brother, Mickey, and I want ya’ll to know we’re sending pawrayers for all the kitties to get or stay well. The Devine Feline picture of T. Tim is awesome. Neither of us would ever mess with him (or his food)!


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