In a Roundabout Way

So, you may have guessed, this post is about a roundabout – you know, those circles at intersections that are supposed to enhance traffic flow. “He” and “She” work in the Capitol City, Montgomery. In the last few years the City of Montgomery has done some major renovations to the downtown area. Part of this progress has been the inclusion of roundabouts. The first roundabout completed was at Court Square, around this historic fountain. There are some really beautiful pictures of the fountain here on Flickr.

The second roundabout completed in Montgomery is at the intersection of Ripley & Washington. After a short period of adjustment, and a little controversy, the citizens have learned to maneuver through the new intersection. 

The third roundabout is still under construction. However, I forsee some problems with the success of this endeavor. Do you?


Now, I’m going to ask you nicely to refrain from any Alabama jokes here. Though, I guess in a “roundabout” way, I’m making one.



5 thoughts on “In a Roundabout Way

  1. I am so… confused! I notice this infection of roundabouts in my state too. Every place there used to be a traffic snarl there is now a roundabout… I feel like yelling, “Kids… Big Ben, Parliament” at every turn!


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