This Just In

Pst. Hey! Up here!
Reporter Alley Cat here. I’m sorry to tell you there has been a crime at The House of 9 Lives.  The two suspects seen leaving the scene were reportedly wearing stripes. One in orange and one in gray.  No one here is talking, and no witnesses have come forward. A confession is not expected.

The victim can be seen here, in the green pot on the lower right, in this undated photograph:
Friends in High Places

The victim’s twin, barely visible on the left, was unable to make a statement.

Warning: the following pictures may be upsetting to some interior decorators and potters.

Inspector Jazz (who was not in the vicinity at the time of the crime) has no comment.

Anyone who sees the following suspects should report it immediately to the Home Decor Secret Witness Hotline at 1-800-IKn-oWho.
Boomer DisapprovesCasanova

A reward of 2500 pounce treats and 6 ounces of catnip will be paid upon their capture.

Thank you for your help in putting these curious felines where they belong. Now, if you will excuse me, I must retire to a quiet corner and remove the rather incriminating terra cotta shards from my paws. I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever been in a position to jump onto the shelf and knock the topiary over!



3 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. Hahaha! Pretty good. The nice thing about cats is that they are always just SO careful about where they tread. Dogs on the other hand are just like a “bull in a china shop”.

    And I really liked that little potted plant, too!


  2. Minnie would like to know who she can rat out to get the pounce treats. She doesn’t mind that she doesn’t really know anything about the crime (or that it is something she would do herself). But she would like the pounce treats. 🙂



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