A Sign of the Times

This is definitely a sign of the times.


Apparently not everyone is quite so neighborly! This sign is so wrong on so many levels. First of all, if you possess a driver’s license, drive a vehicle and park at this restaurant, you should be responsible enough to know to lock up.  Secondly, should only the cars be locked? What about trucks, SUVs, vans and other vehicles? Thirdly, how hard is it going to be to lug all your valuables, (laptop, MP3, cell phone, CDs, guitar, luggage, spare tire, battery, etc.) into this restaurant while you have a nice “relaxing” meal? And, fourthly, taking the sign literally, wouldn’t it be very difficult to first lock your vehicle, then remove your valuables? Or, do they mean, lock it, unlock it to get your stuff – then, should you lock it back? What’s the point of that? There’s nothing there to get now.

Not only is this sign a sad commentary on the state of our society, but is also a fine example of the laxities in writing which are so common. If I were the sign writer, I would have worded it “Remove your valuables and lock your vehicle”. Or maybe, “This is a bad part of town, you don’t want to be here after dark, and for Pete’s sake, don’t leave anything unattended if you hope to ever see it again!” I guess that would be a neighborly way to convey the right message.

You can be sure He and She are always careful to secure their valuables. They always make sure to lock the house when they leave us alone!



2 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times

  1. Course if I had written the sign, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been much better. Now if the ferrets were writing the sign, they would be encouraging people to leave the cars unlocked so they could steal stuff.


  2. Well, I got upset the other day at the grocery store because a woman had gotten her purse snatched as she was putting everything in her car (everybody in my neighborhood got an email about it). When I checked out the other day, I remarked about how terrible it was, and the bag-boy and cashier both agreed that it was the woman’s fault for getting her bag stolen! I said, “no I think the person at fault is the one who stole her bag”. Maybe she could have been more attentive to her purse and made the incident less likely to happen, but putting blame on the victim was misplaced, I thought.

    I really do not want to shop there any more.


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