Not So Easy Rider

Boomer Bored
This past Saturday morning, “He” and “She” got to go on their first group ride. They had a blast! They met up with Papa J. and Mama V., their son R., daughter-in-law N., Speedy, Skeeter and Ohio at their favorite little breakfast spot. All in all, there were seven bikes in the group.

When He and She got there, they pulled in and parked next to Ohio’s bike. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a lot of experience at that point with the dismount, and in all the excitement, She got in a hurry and tried to get off before He was ready. When she shifted her weight to one foot, the bike went off balance and it was all he could do to keep it from tipping over completely (and taking Ohio’s bike down in the process!). She was no help at all, as she still had one leg over the seat and was hopping around trying to get solid footing with the other. The home gym really paid off as he managed to muscle the 700+ lb. motorcycle back into an upright position. It was really a Ricky and Lucy moment!

After breakfast, when they all pulled out of the parking lot, She was so excited She could hardly stand it! She said it was really a thrill to be a part of a group like that. Especially with the rumbling of all the throaty pipes! Of course, He was grinning ear to ear, as well.


The weather was beautiful, and the back roads scenic and peaceful. Their destination was Big Swamp Harley Davidson in Opelika, Alabama. The very nice staff there made it a great place to do a little shopping and just hang out for a bit.

On the ride back, they had planned to take an alternate route to enjoy more scenery, however, Papa J. read the skies and knew that rain was imminent, so they skirted around and took the shorter route home.  If He and She and Skeeter and Ohio and Speedy had followed them all the way, everything would have been fine, but a stop at McDonald’s delayed them just a bit. Speedy took the interstate from there and managed to get home with no rain.  Ohio and Skeeter left a little ahead of He and She, but didn’t make it home before the deluge hit. They took cover under the awning at a church, where they had to wait for forty minutes before going on. He and She were only about 5 miles from home when the bottom fell out, so they pressed on and got drenched in the process! That was a new experience, but they enjoyed the day so much, their excitement wasn’t even dampened!

On Sunday, He and She went out again for a little bit, and She took some great pictures. Most of these were shot from the bike while moving!

The Open Road

Children's Harbor


Lake Martin

Impressionist Sunflowers

Canada Geese

Lady Lex at the Lake

Actually, the title of this post is misleading. The riding part was actually pretty easy. It’s the dismount that gave them trouble!



4 thoughts on “Not So Easy Rider

  1. Good job! My daddy (Ohio) was real glad He stopped the bike, wouldn’t won’t anyone hurt, and of course he was glad his bike was left in the upright position

    Cuzzs, Boots and Scooter!

    p.s. oh yeah, when they got home they looked like what we like to see, a couple of drowned rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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