Rain, Rain, Go Away (Until After the Weekend)

You may remember our area suffered a severe drought last summer. Flirt actually wrote a post about it here. It was a very hard time and had a negative affect on many aspects of life in this region.  Well, “He” and “She” have personally taken responsibility for the dry spell.  It seems they could have alleviated the situation by purchasing a motorcycle way back then!

Last Sunday, He bought a 2008 Harley Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic in Vivid Black.


The bike was purchased from Riders Harley Davidson which is about two hours from The House of 9 Lives, so He had a good time driving it back home.  She followed behind in the car, and really got a big kick out of it when he was enjoying the ride so much, he missed their exit and didn’t realize it until 3 or 4 exits later! So, they stopped to eat and just continued on their way via an alternate route. When they got home, She was just itching to go for a ride, and the two hours He had spent on the bike did nothing to quench his enthusiasm, so they made a trip into town and tooled around a little before parking the bike in the garage.  And, there it has been, since.

The plan was to ride it into work today, and take a little trip tomorrow with friends who are seasoned riders. However, Mother Nature has different ideas. Here’s is what our local forecaster has to say:

What a soaker for the capital city last night! The good news is our rain chances will continue today, into the weekend, and all next week. Our chances will be more substaintal for the weekend rather than next week. Temperatures, on the other hand, will stay very seasonable into the lower 90s each and every day.

As they say, it is good news, as we are still in a deficit for rainfall. He and She just wish they had known what a contribution they could have made had they bought the bike earlier.



5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away (Until After the Weekend)

  1. Riding a bike must have the same effect like washing a car. It will rain and, in our case, snow. Guaranteed.

    Have a good weekend.


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