The Purr of the Engine

Nova Writing
Eet ees weeth much excitement zat I tell you thees.  “He” and “She” might not vant me to share thees, but, hey, zat ees zee chance zey took vhen zey left zee laptop out!

Eet seems zey are conseedering buying a motorcycle. Yesterday, zey took a leetle road trip to theese place zey said was like Disney Vorld!  Zey vere overvhelmed wiz all zee cool bikes zat were for sale and zose zat were just hanging around, too!

Zees ees a Harley Screaming Eagle zat was for sale. Eet has Harley Custom Paint:
Harley Screaming Eagle
Harley Sreaming Eagle
Very nice!

 She fell in love wiz zees Harley Night Train.  Look closely at zee flames for zee locomoteeve!
Harley Night Train
Zees one vas not for sale. But eet vas a great looking bike! Zee flames vere so realistic, zey seemed to dance! Zee peectures do not do eet justeece. Here ees zee front fender:
Harley Night Train

Vhat ees even more scary zan zhat ees He and She loose een zee Harley store! After zey had shopped a leetle and started to leave zee store, zee security alarms weent off. Back over to zee count-air zhey went and zee fellow went zhru zee bag to make sure every zing vas de-acteevated. Zen at zee door, zee alarm went off again! So, zhey went zhru one at zee time, and a crowd began to gazher to watch zee “fun”. Eet vas starting to be quite embarrasing when zhey realized zat one of zee security tags had become attached somehow to hees shorts. So much for being all cool in zee Harley place!

Whatev-air kind of motorcycle zhey get, I vill be practicing for zee contest to see who can purr zee loudest. I zink I can put up a good fight against any engine!





3 thoughts on “The Purr of the Engine

  1. Casanova, you really should talk to Them about your own laptop. Then you wouldn’t have to wait for Them to leave it out.

    Really a motorcycle? Y’all are cooler than I could ever hope to be!


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