Squish Squash

About this time every year, “She” goes into town for an appointment with one of these:

I don’t know what it is, but maybe some of you, do. She just calls it the “squisher”. Anyway, she thinks it is really important to have this done every year, and actually looks forward to seeing the very nice staff of this place.

From what I understand, the “squisher” they have is not as uncomfortable as they are in other offices, and the very best aspect of this facility is She gets her results right away. Having had abnormal results in the past, She is always thankful to be able to go right in and speak with a doctor about their findings, rather than have to wait and worry for days to get the results of the test.

If you are a lady over a certain age, you should have this test done regularly. It is an easy way to get early diagnosis and treatment of possibly serious diseases, and who wouldn’t want a fighting chance in a battle like that?

I’m really glad it’s not necessary for me to have a test like that done every year. Even though She doesn’t really mind it, it doesn’t sound like fun to me. I like the tests He and She give me every now and then. You know, when they ruff my fur looking me over, check my eyes and teeth and look into my ears, then follow it all up with a nice massage. I think they call it a cat scan. Get it?



4 thoughts on “Squish Squash

  1. well it must be a really neat thing they do cause our mommy goes to the squisher too! she say’s its good thing,not to worry, it keeps her around for a very long time!!!

    Cuzz’s Boots and Scooter!


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