Wanna go for a Ride?

Sweet FlirtAre you aware today is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

 Hop on in!

This sounds like a fine idea! Trust me, your cat is not jealous at all that there is no “Take Your Cat to Work Day” – we are just fine with letting the dogs have all the “fun”!

You know, today is also the first official day of summer, so why not just blow off work altogether, put the top down and take the dog for a ride? Don’t worry about us – we’ll find something to do!

Flirt Napping




3 thoughts on “Wanna go for a Ride?

  1. I can’t believe I missed the chance to take Charlie to Wacky World! I don’t think he would have protected me from the nutters there, but maybe he would have peed in their offices. 😉



  2. I had no idea there was a take your dog to work day! That is pretty cool. Of course since we work from home, every day is take your cat to work day…


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