A Blast from the Past

BlossomI’m one of the very few of us here at The House of 9 Lives who actually came to live with “He” and “She” while I was a kitten. I thought you might enjoy looking back over some of my baby pictures from the family photo album!
This is pretty much how I looked when I first came here. I sure am glad I grew into those ears!

In the early days, I would cuddle up with Jazz – we don’t really do this kind of thing, anymore.

Garfield was always my very favorite one to curl up with, though. We all miss him terribly.

Here I discovered there was another kitten in the house that looked just like me! They would never let her out to play with me though.

Ahhh – nothing says love like a basket of laundry warm from the dryer!

By this point, I had pretty much decided to stay!

Blossom in Tile Box
I didn’t even mind all the chaos of the many home improvement projects. I especially enjoyed this tile box.

Now that I am the grown up diva of the house, it is hard to imagine I was ever this little and sweet!




4 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. As with human kids, you sigh and wish they could stay little and so adorably precious forever — then realize you wouldn’t give up the wonderful ‘grown-up’ evolution of love and companionship and sharing that does come after. Blossom, you apparently have ALWAYS been very specially beautiful. Thank you for sharing!



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