“Hoovering” vs. “Dysoning”

Recently, when their Dyson DC14 was on the injured list, they purchased a second vacuum to take up the slack while the part was on order.  While at the store, “He” and “She” put a lot of thought into which vacuum would be the Dyson’s “understudy”.  There were certain things they knew they wanted based on the features of the Dyson.  For instance, they knew for sure they wanted a bagless model.  After a few years of not dealing with stinky old dusty vacuum bags, they certainly didn’t want to revert to that.  As for the container on the bagless vacuum, they preferred it wasn’t open.  When you remove the container from the Dyson, it’s all closed up until you push the button to dump the contents.  Many of the models they looked at just had an open cup type thing once it was removed from the unit.  Another thing that was important to them was a long cord.  Our house is relatively small and all on one level, so with the Dyson, they can pretty much plug it in at a central location and vacuum the entire house.  And, of course, they hoped for superior cleaning, or at least good enough to serve as a backup.

So, after much consideration, they settled on the Hoover Mach 5

The manufacturer makes a bold claim on the box comparing it to the Dyson, so they were intriqued enough to take it home and try it out.  The first thing they noticed after putting it together is that this baby is heavy!  She was not really thrilled with that at all.  She said She was already working out with weights in the gym – She didn’t need to do it while vacuuming, too.  He told her that He would be glad to do the vacuuming with it, which sounded like a really good deal to her! 

When they first turned it on, it made a horrible high-pitched noise, which didn’t make it any more acceptable to us, that’s for sure.  But, when they adjusted the vacuum for the carpet height, the squealing stopped.  They were very impressed with the suction of the vacuum.  It did a really good job of cleaning the carpet which had gone a few days beyond its regular need for cleaning.  On the hard tile surfaces, it worked well.  The attachments were easy to get to, though after using the telescoping wand on the Dyson, the two-part wand on the Hoover seemed kind of rinky-dink.  The upholstery brush worked really well, and did a great job on the tower speakers. Even though the box bragged about a long cord, it was not long at all compared to the Dyson.  He had to move the plug several times to get everything vacuumed.  The power button and the hard surface/carpet adjustments were conveniently located.  When it came time to empty the refuse container, though, they were disappointed.  The Dyson has a button that releases the bottom door of the container, and with a few shakes, all the cat hair, dust and dirt just drops out into the trash can.  With the Hoover, it wasn’t so easy.  After opening the container, it was apparent that the contents would not just drop out, and He actually had to reach into the container and remove it by hand. Yuck!

A nice feature on the Hoover vacuum is the retractable power cord.  However, one wonders just how long it will continue to work, and where on earth will it be wrapped when it no longer does?

After having received the beater brush and restoring the Dyson to its former glory, it was used on the carpet that had been previously cleaned by the Hoover. While the carpet looked clean when the Hoover was used, they were amazed at how much the Dyson continued to pick up.

Back in the early 1990s, as the Hoover company expanded and became well known, in British English, the term “hoover” became a verb meaning “to vacuum”.  Based on our comparison of the Hoover to the Dyson, while the Hoover is adequate, we will contine to “dyson” our floors here at The House of 9 Lives.

Now, if Mr. Dyson would just design a vacuum that sounds like this:Alley Cat Nap
I think you know what I mean!



5 thoughts on ““Hoovering” vs. “Dysoning”

  1. After having a Dyson for awhile, you realize nothing compares … understudies need not apply.

    Before our Dyson, we went through five Fantom vacuums and one Dirt Devil. The Fantom era lasted for eight years, the Dirt Devil lasted not quite two years.

    Retractable cords, a very good cat toy.


  2. Retractable cord is nice – I think my Dyson has a shorter cord than y’all’s. I’ve got to replug twice as often as I did with the old Hoover. It’s completely worth it since it doesn’t blow the fur all around the hardwood floors though.


  3. I love my Dyson. Just wish I was allowed to use it. 😦 Chick scoffed at me for getting it, but with the demise of Snowy’s million-year-old electrolux, she began using the Dyson on the rest of the house and promptly advised me that I could NOT use it on my area unless I took it out and scrubbed everything down before returning it for family use. I’m still trying to figure out how I lost control, but that’s my life at the moment. I actually have the garden rake in my room trying to scrape up the kitty fuzz and all. Oy!



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