Imagine the Possibilities!

You might recall that back in October, Jazz wrote about the building of a new Lowe’s store in our area.  Well, after all this time, the store has finally opened!  Having undertaken the renovation of their home over the last six years, “He” and “She” have patronized Lowe’s as much as some general contractors!  Because the project is ongoing, they are so thrilled at the new store opening in close proximity that they actually took the day off work to be there for the grand opening!

You would think they were the owners!


Pretty pink Petunias.

Paints - by Number!

Pick a card…any card!

Copper Basin

Copper basin – how would you like to spit toothpaste into this every morning?


Load ’em up and move ’em out!


Grills gone wild?


Hardware store junkie nirvana!

Open Sign

Why, yes, they are!

With a Lowe’s store relatively close to home, and at least located on their route to and from work, She likes to imagine all the possibilities of what can be done to the house, now. He likes to imagine purchasing all of the new tools that might be necessary to do that work!

I like to imagine I’m a super kitty flying through the air!
Super Boomer




5 thoughts on “Imagine the Possibilities!

  1. Boomer,
    When the tribe and I lived in Atlanta, I worked for a company that was preferred developer for Lowe’s and got to know those people pretty well. They are super-duper nice, lovely people from the top down, so you can feel good about He and She spending your treat money there (plus maybe they will build some things for y’all).

    When I go visit, I wander the aisles like a kid in the toyshop, also imagining the possibilities of each and every item “if I could only bring it home”. I’ve even had the people that work there gently suggest that I’d been there too long and needed to go on home to where people were probably wondering where I was 🙂

    Lowe’s are lovely things!



  2. Y’all rock. So does that herd of lawnmowers in the first picture (I think lawn mowers come in herds). There is noting like a brand new hardware store, so clean, so organized and so completely stocked.


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