Spread the Sunshine

Barny Sunshine

I’m so happy to be back in my favorite spot, basking in a sunbeam. Over the weekend, “He” and “She” hosted four college students, and while I really don’t mind them coming, it does disrupt my very important routine, so I was thrilled once again to be in my favorite spot soaking up the sun.

In Alabama, there is a major collegiate rivalry. Here, college football is known as more a religion than a sport. While we as a household stand firmly on one side of the fence, we were thrilled to have two students from Auburn University, and two students from The University of Alabama to come for a visit. The four of them have been friends for years, but, since their college careers took them on separate paths, there is plenty of good-natured ribbing.

Their visits are really special to He and She, who enjoy their company greatly and are so pleased that Nephew and his friends still make time to come for visits. It’s a good thing to take the time to spread a little sunshine now and then!



6 thoughts on “Spread the Sunshine

  1. Sunshine is a good thing. The best sunshine is in the mornings on the kitchen counter. They have given up trying to keep me out of it (Something about litter box feet not being good for countertops. Whatever. Just clean it up later.).


  2. Barny?
    (Sorry, but Snowy will allow nothing else, even from the tribe!)


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