The Understudy

Jazz & the Dyson
As usual on Saturdays, “She” and “He” try to get caught up on all the things they don’t have time to do during the week. This usually includes a thorough vacuuming of the whole house, however today, that’s not happening!

A few years ago (three, or so), they purchased a Dyson DC14. With the unique challenges we present, they have had many vacuums through the years that just couldn’t meet the demands of a nine-cat household. They were pleased to find the Dyson could actually do the job. They have been equally impressed with the cleaning ability of this appliance on both bare surfaces, as well as carpet.  But, today, the Dyson succumbed and was making a terrible noise. She (who has never been afraid to take something apart – don’t ask about the curling iron, or VCR incidents) immediately got a screwdriver and tried to fix the problem. Don’t worry – this one has a good ending! Unfortunately, She wasn’t able to correct the problem, so she called the Dyson toll free (seven day a week) support number and spoke with a really nice lady (way up in Chicago), who walked her through diagnosing the problem. It seems that the end of the beater bar that allows it to spin has become restricted and the bar is no longer spinning free.  After attempting to free up the sticking, and failing to do so, it seemed the only option is to order a new beater bar. 

The Dyson

So, after chatting with the nice lady for a while, She went ahead and ordered the part. It will take 5-7 days for the part to arrive, so now She has no way to vacuum. Because they can’t stand the idea of not being able to clean, they will probably try to find an inexpensive little unit that can step in and take up the slack. A “Dyson understudy” of sorts.

Jazz & the Dyson



6 thoughts on “The Understudy

  1. Ah, Gorgeous Jazz — what a dilemma!

    I, too, bought a Dyson (of a different color) a few years ago. I assumed it just ran perfectly FOREVER no matter what as long as I shook out the collection bucket regularly.

    However! Fortunately Chick had no fear in taking things apart and cleaning and bathing the filter parts. Would never have occurred to me, but she is WAY far closer to being a neat freak than I could ever dream of being.

    I’ll have to let her know there is a 24-hour support line “just in case”. Thanks for the tip!



  2. We just got a Dyson too (the old Hoover lived eight years cleaning up after a Sheltie and six cats but never really cared for the hardwood – I’d have to sweep and then vacuum). I am even happier about the purchase because of your great customer service experience!

    PS Everyone here hates the vacuum and goes upstairs when it is running. I rarely vacuum upstairs since we don’t go up there often.
    PPS William Henry would like me to add that he is not afraid of the vacuum. He’s not afraid of anything. Even the squirt bottle.


  3. Nice to know we’re not the only one that’s gone through vacuums. We’ve had our Dyson DC07 (Animal) for three years, and it’s running great. No parts in need of replacing yet. It’s definitely the best vacuum for a multi-cat household.

    I hope Dyson takes note of our endorsement and send us our fee of catnip treats. 🙂


  4. Our Dyson makes *the* most terrible sound when the brush that goes around & around gets stuck with hair/strings/whatever. I mean, THE worst, loud, terrible sound ever! Every so often I take a pair of scissors and clean it just to avoid THE SOUND.

    I’m glad yours is going to be going again soon.

    We have a Roomba too and love it. But nobody loves it like our kitty, who gets the biggest kick out of just watching it go around!


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