Boxed Sets

I just cannont help myselve! I see zee box, I must climb een! No matter zee size of zee box, eet ees eensteenct!  Sadly, I am not alone een zeese adeection!

 Boxed Set

Box o' Blossom


Kosmo has zee crazy eyes!

And, zen zere ees thees fellow. He ees so lucky! He has hees box wiz heem every vhere he goes!

Box Turtle

Thees Box Turtle vas een zee meedle of zee road, so “She” placed heem over een zee grass.  Howeveair, zee turtle must have been camera shy because he weent eenside hees box and slammed zee doors and vould not come back out for a peecture!

Of course, I vould not vant to geeve up zee freedom of being “boxless”.  Zere ees much to be said for lounging about on a nice soft blankeet!




2 thoughts on “Boxed Sets

  1. These are some amazing pictures of some beautiful kitties! I need to dig out some pix I took of some of the tribe from several years ago where they each took turns with one particular box — I liked it for its showing of ‘relative size” 🙂

    You fuzzies have a lot of fun!



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