A Brush with Greatness

We have a new implement here at The House of 9 Lives which has been a great new tool. “She” was reading a post over at Nola’s blog about the Furminator.  Based on Nola’s endorsement and many positive reviews it had on multiple sites, “He” picked one up.  It was pricey, but his line of thinking was if it did what it is purported to do, it would be worth it.  If not, they would return it.
The Furminator

Well, it does not disappoint! This thing is pretty amazing.  With all the fur removed from the cats around here, we could build a whole new cat! Lilah’s coat has always been bad, due to her allergies.  Regular brushing has helped somewhat, but has done nothing to tame that thick undercoat. But, the Furminator gets in there and does the job!  After a few strokes, enough hair was removed to make a difference in the look of her fur!  With regular use, we all expect to see a big difference.  Kosmo’s coat is deceiving.  He doesn’t look like he would shed so badly, but when brushed with the Furminator, a lot of loose hair was collected.  Jazz has a thick beautiful orange coat, which the Furminator smoothed into nice shiny fur.

Look at this hair that was brushed from Lilah, Kosmo and Jazz, in just a few short minutes.

The Furminator

Kosmo really enjoyed being brushed and wanted to pose with the Furminator. Unfortunately, the picture is blurry, but he insisted I post it!
Kosmo & The Furminator
Here’s Boomer wondering where all this hair came from!  The Furminator
It’s pretty much a consensus around here. The Furminator is definitely a brush with greatness!  He and She are just happy the hair removed with the Furminator won’t wind up on the furniture, or their clothes!



6 thoughts on “A Brush with Greatness

  1. hey that hair getter brush sounds like a pretty nice tool, he and she told mommy and we thought they where giving it to us, but nope,but they gonna get one for me and Scooter, can’t be out done by the Cuzz’s,

    Love Boots and Scooter!!!

    P.S. they really like the poop holder yall pass down to us!


  2. That looks like an amazing tool. I like the thought of being able to make an extra kitty out of the spare hair!



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