Ninja Turtle

Teenage? Defintely not! Mutant? Possibly. Ninja? Without a doubt!!  “He” and “She” were driving down a little two-lane road when He spotted this guy on the side of the road.


They have a history of moving turtles out of roadways, so it was an easy decision to stop and make sure this guy wasn’t on a death mission.  She got out of the car and attempted to get behind the guy and push him along with her foot, but this turtle was having none of that. Every time She would move behind him, he would turn to face her.  When they realized that walking around was just making the turtle spin, they decided She would get in front to distract him, and He would pick him up from behind. 

It seemed like a good plan – who knew a Turtle’s neck is so long? That guy reached out and if weren’t for the quick reflexes He has, He would have been snapped!

References say a snapping turtle can live 30 – 40 years, and judging by the size of this one, he had been around for quite a while.  They finally decided if he had done well without their help for this long, he would probably be okay.  So, they made a pact with him, and the turtle agreed he wouldn’t get in the road if they wouldn’t try to pick him up again.

 Doesn’t it look like he’s making that promise? (Men’s shoe size 9.5 shown for scale).



3 thoughts on “Ninja Turtle

  1. What big claws you have Mr Turtle!

    We have turtles at our house in the pond, but mommy and daddy say we
    can only watch them out the window! We sure are glad Uncle He and Aunt She went home with all their fingers!

    Love, Boots and Scooter!


  2. When I saw the first picture with the long spiny tail, I knew this story couldn’t have a fairy tale ending! Ugh! I loved turtles when I was a kid, but somewhere along the path lost that loving feeling!

    Glad no fingers, toes, or other necessary parts were lost in the experience!



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