Dear Winner

BarnyComments are now closed on our Blogiversary post.  Thank you so much to all our friends who took the time to leave a comment!  Right now I am going to the Random Number Generator and have it choose a number between 1 and 7!  Okay – I have the winner! But, you’ll just have to wait until they are contacted and respond to know who it is!! I know, you hate that!

So, our winner has until Monday, May 12th at 8:00 a.m. to respond to our e-mail.  If we haven’t heard back by that time, we will have another drawing.  So, if you don’t get an e-mail, there is still some chance you might.  Just check back with us for updates!

Now, once we get your mailing address, Dear Winner, this little package will be on its way to you!!

Thanks again to everyone!!

UPDATE!   We have heard from our Winner! Congratulations to Sydney! Thank you, Sydney, for responding so quickly and alleviating some of the suspense! We’ll get your package to you soon! Thank you again to everyone who participated!



5 thoughts on “Dear Winner

  1. Well concatulation,oh, Congrats to Sydney! We both feel thats its a good thing that we didn’t win, we are having a manicure, on Tuesday, and i don’t mean fakes and polish!!!!

    Love Boots and Scooter!!!


  2. Congratulations, Sydney!! You’ll have to take a picture and share with us! What fun it was to be in a contest! Barny, Pearl was going to take you with that meme that Scout was doing, but you already got tagged! Can’t wait to see what you or one of your tribe writes about! Pearl was quite taken with herself when she responded. 🙂

    Glad none of y ‘all were hurt by the flying stick! That would have been terrible!

    Think I’ll do some ‘virtual exercising’ this weekend. Not as effective as the real thing, but… who knows?!?!



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