Ve all know zere are Seven Vonders of zee Modern Vorld.  Zey are all magnifi-ceent feats of engineering, and are amazing sights to behold, but, I ask you to conseeder zee everyday vonders of our vorld.  Zee eencredybul grace of zee bird een flight, or zee teentative first few steps of zee newborn calf.  Vonders are every-vhere you look eef you keep an open mind.

Yellow Iris

Pink Hydrangea

 Nature, she ees full of vonderful zings, eencluding zees bug zat “She” found lounging on a shiny red car: 

Giant Leopard Moth

Eet ees known as zee Giant Leopard Moth. Isn’t zee patterning fantasteec?  Vonderment ees all around!

Speaking of “vonder”, I vonder vat zee beeg surprise ees zat Jazz weell be sharing on Thursday?  He told me to remind all our readers to be sure to check in May 1st.  Oh, zee curiosity, eet ess keeling me, zee cat!



5 thoughts on “Wonders

  1. Those are some pretty pictures. They are great examples of some of the wonders of this world.

    I have never seen a moth like that before. Isn’t it pretty up against that bright red car?

    Still beside myself in anticipation of the surprise on Thursday.


  2. Well Nova, you are right about all the beautiful wonders of this world. It’s wonderful to see them in a picture, but we recently were able to see that beatuful field of red clover, breathtaking, just like you!


  3. Casanova, you are an amazing photographer. Pearl kept telling me she couldn’t take pix because she didn’t have opposable thumbs, but I think she just doesn’t like taking pictures because she would rather be in them herself. I think Minnie has opposable thumbs. She is always sticking her fingers under the door of the WC when Pearl is eating her nom trying to nick a bit, and I’ve seen those thumbs working. She also opens doors, so think she has some such skill up her ‘sleeve’.

    However, your photography tops them all. And you have taken such perfect pictures to demonstrate your theme! I believe you must be a true artistic intellectual kitteh!

    I bow in humble reverence.



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