All in Good Time

It’s a good time of the year for beautiful weather.  The temperatures have been mild, the sun has been shining, and you know what that means…sunbeams to nap in!  Trust me, no sunbeam goes unnoticed at this house! If there is a sunbeam, then we’ve got a cat on the job – napping away!

This time of year also makes for interesting landscapes.  Here is a field that is covered in red clover that make us think of strawberries. 


This picture does not do it justice at all. The red color is so vibrant, you can see it from miles down the road, a sea of red.

We hope whereever you are, you can enjoy some nice weather (and some naps in sunbeams, too, if that’s your thing)!

Be sure to check back with us next week!  There’s going to be a little surprise for our readers – here’s a tease: 


Now, just be patient – you’ll know….all in good time!



3 thoughts on “All in Good Time

  1. OH, I hate a good tease! I always just want to know NOW!!! 🙂

    Chick asked me about your Indigo Bunting today after I told her of your sighting and beautiful picture. She was excited because she thought she had captured a picture of one.

    When I asked her if it was blue all over and she said “no”, I had to break it to her that she hadn’t spotted one yet. We looked up what kind of birdie she had snapped and it was an Eastern Bluebird — so beautiful and cute.

    When I showed her a pic of the Indigo Buntings, she was properly wowed and VOWS she will see one or bust. She got some great pix, too, of a Cardinal family — Dad, Mom, and baby — as the parents tried to feed the baby and worked with it on learning how to fly.

    Needless to say the time they spent on this in front of my bedroom window had my tribe chittering and chattering and glued to the window seat all day, especially after I opened the window about an inch so they could get the smells and the sounds. Kitty Porn!



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