I’m Beside Myself

Spring is an exciting time here at The House of 9 Lives! There is more activity outside as nature is waking up from her winter slumber. The wildlife is out and about, and therefore, there is more entertainment for us.  Just the other day “He” called us all to the window to see a Fox Squirrel in the front yard.  “She” wasn’t quick enough to grab the camera, so, we are borrowing this picture from autonomous1one1 on Flickr (we hope that was okay to do!).  Check out thier photostream – they have a lot of beautiful nature photos!

This Fox Squirrel looks just like the one we saw!  He didn’t stay around for long, he would jog a few steps, stop, stand up and look around, and soon he was out of sight.

 More good entertainment came our way when these guys stopped by for a visit.  He recently filled our squirrel and bird feeders.  Because He had more food than the bird feeder would hold, He poured the left overs out on the patio.  Shortly after, She snapped a picture of these beautiful Indigo Buntings: 

Indigo Buntings

I don’t remember having seen anything so delicious beautiful when I was an outside kitty! I think they are blueberry flavored colored! I better watch what I say – that kind of thinking is what made me a house-cat to start with!  He and She never appreciated all the fine gifts I was bringing them!

Anyway, I’m really excited to see all the activity going on outside. You can see I’m just beside myself with happiness!



4 thoughts on “I’m Beside Myself

  1. Wow, I sure did like the looks of the pretty BlueBerry Muffins, i don’t know for sure, but i think Me and my Bro, could take those two on!

    Cuzz’s Boots and Scooter!


  2. Kosmo, you are a very funny kitty!

    I have never seen a squirrel like that, not even all my various years in the crimson nation.

    And it has been DECADES since I’ve seen an Indigo Bunting. The sighting in T’Town long ago by Snowy was a rare one. How BEAUTIFUL they are! And I’m sure they would taste good, too, but glad you are admiring them from afar.

    Chick ‘stalked’ with her camera for days a little yellow bird that kept hopping in and out of the bottle brush shrub by the window. Once she finally got some snaps we were able to ‘hunt’ up what type of little bird this was, and finally decided it was a Cape May Warbler. Hmm! Don’t know what flavor yellow would be– maybe candy corn? 🙂



  3. Those are such pretty birds! I put birdseed on our back porch every morning to entertain the cats that live here – they watch out the back door like it’s TV.


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